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Taye Diggs and Puppies on Valentine’s Day

Sure, human affection is nice, but nothing quite beats the love of a loyal, furry companion.

Taye Diggs understands that deep down all of us want a dog as our Valentine. But before you run out and adopt a puppy as a Valentine’s Day present, Diggs wants to make sure you are ready first.

The actor recently partnered with Royal Canin to remind animal lovers that, while pets seem like great presents, they are a lifetime commitment you need to seriously think about. This means looking at your lifestyle and deciding which dog, if any, is right for you.

When Diggs adopted his dog Mixty, he first looked at the size of his house, yard and family before choosing a canine he thought would perfectly blend with all three. That’s how he ended up with a pit bull mix, a large, friendly dog that is protective and playful with his children, and big enough to enjoy the yard at Diggs’ house.

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So before you go out in search of your puppy soulmate this Valentine’s Day, listen to Diggs’ sound advice above and then choose the canine that matches your heart and your home life.

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