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My rescue pup is extremely shy — can Reiki help?


What a very good question–the answer is yes! Why? Because Reiki is a healing energy. What your rescue pup would need is called a mental healing. Rescue dogs have many issues. Many of them have been neglected or abused. They also have anxiety. Reiki works well for all of these.

A few examples: We had a dog who was so anxious that he dug three-foot holes in the yard constantly. After one Reiki session she became happier and stopped. Another dog was shy around men that were strangers. After Reiki, his growling decreased.

Another, more extreme, case: We had a dog that was found on the street, placed in a shelter for two years, and then finally rescued. He was so anxious and afraid. After two Reiki sessions, his face had changed and he’s much more relaxed.

The shyness in your rescue pup is most likely an anxiety, and Reiki can help!

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