How About Some Dog-Shaped Flowers for Mother’s Day?

You may think you’ve got this Mother’s Day all figured out, what with your chocolate-covered berries and your cashmere Snuggie, but we’re betting you’ve haven’t seen a bouquet of flowers shaped like a dog. For the mom who has everything, you know. Picture it: Flowers in the shape of a dog. Carnations, to be precise, arranged just so (in the shape of a dog), by the master craftspeople at the a-DOG-able Collection wing of

How do they do it? Who knows. Some Rose Parade witchcraft. All we know is we see dog in the flowers, and we don’t want to stop looking:





If that doesn’t work, there’s only one thing that can save you: Breakfast in bed, served by Sid, a rescue dog who has an amazing way with food. The only problem is getting Sid to give up his food.





See more of Sid on his Facebook and Instagram pages. Happy Mother’s Day!

See more Pix We Love on Dogster:

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